• Laser cutting
• Bending
• Welding
• Assembly

Laser cutting

Cutting precision, quality, speed and customisation of sheet metal shapes.
Machine fleet:
1 fibre laser 4000×2000 4.4KWe
1 fibre laser 4000×2000 6 KW.
Both with automatic loader, they can cut thicknesses up to: iron 20 mm, stainless steel 15 mm, aluminium 12 mm


Bending with maximum precision on iron, stainless steel and aluminium sheets of various thicknesses.
Machine park: 5 press-benders, bending up to 250 tons and 4 metres
1 4.0 press-bender, up to 5 axes.


Specialised workers perform fine welds on sheet metal of different thicknesses. Quality and precision characterise our expertly welded products. TIG and Mig technologies allow us to perform diversified welding on various industrial materials, iron, galvanised, stainless steel, aluminium.


The last step in the machining process is the assembly of sheet metal parts.
Our experienced and qualified staff has a dedicated area for assembly operations